Costumes for hire on the Sunshine Coast

Finding costumes for hire is easy with our vast selection. You’ll find that our process and prices are fair and easy to follow, so we’re sure you will have an easy and worry-free transaction.

Adult costumes for hire start at $45 per costume. This includes most basic accessories including masks, wings, jewellery and similar items. Wigs start at $10 with the hiring of a costume, or $20 if you aren’t also getting a costume.

Shoe rentals are also available at $15 with a costume, or $25 without a costume.
To ensure that you get the costume you want, especially before national holidays and major events, we recommend that you book your costume for hire well in advance. A security deposit is required on top of your normal costume fee but will be repaid once the costume is returned in good condition. Your normal costume for hire fee covers basic laundering and the like, but any damage or severe staining to costumes is the responsibility of the customer to handle.

Costumes or items hired Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are due back by Thursday at 5 pm. Costumes or items hired on Thursday, Friday or Saturday are due back by Monday at 5 pm.

Popular seasonal items, such as Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny must be returned to the costume shop by the following day after your hire, as those costumes are in very high demand.

Any costumes that are lost or are returned in such bad shape they cannot be fixed will be charged a replacement cost. Costumes that are not returned at all will be counted as theft and treated accordingly.

We want you to have a good experience getting your costumes for hire from us. That’s why we have more costumes than any other provider on the Sunshine Coast. Even so, please attempt to book your costumes as far in advance as possible.